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P. O. Box 445

Occoquan, VA 22125-0445


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Stuff \'stef\ n. subject matter (e.g. a teacher who knows her stuff)


Yes, at Blue Star Stuff we know our stuff when it comes to design, printing, mailing, promotional products and more. And our knowledge can get you the stuff you need to run your business, promote your cause, or celebrate your life.


Stuff for start-ups and smaller organizations...

We service many larger organizations but also have a particular affinity for start-ups and smaller establishments which can't always afford a large design firm or large scale commercial printer. Blue Star Stuff can get you a quality product in just about any (reasonable) quantity at a price your smaller organization can afford.


Blue Star Stuff products and services…

Blue Star Stuff provides letterheads, envelopes, brochures, posters, pocket folders, booklets, newsletters, forms, postcards, flyers, banners, invitations, raised lettering, embossing, die cutting, graphic design, roll labels, wearables, conference materials, tote bags, packaging, specialty items, mailing services and more. You name it and we'll go after it for you.


Why use a print broker?

Printers are production driven. They're thinking of how to pay for the latest technology or their new 5-color large format press. Brokers are service driven. They know which printers have the most up-to-date technology and the presses and products most suited to your needs. Print brokers have to know their stuff. From concept to mailing and everything in between, they can help you get your project done in the most impactful and economical fashion possible. They do the hard work for you.


Why Blue Star Stuff?

At Blue Star Stuff we have a cumulative 100 years of experience in the business of printing and promotional products. You can look to the Blue Star Stuff staff for creative ideas, technical expertise and support, and a get-it-done-the-way-you-want-it attitude. During the time we are working on your project we expect to be treated like an extra staff member at your company.